Beyonce, Summer tour in Messika - 2016. 07. 28.



Valérie Messika has created an unexpected  marriage of three shapes of diamond.Once again,she pays homage to her fetish number and imagine a triplet of diamonds where stones call out to one another, and complement each other. The sensual and sparkling pear shape echoes the stylized emerald cut and the intensity and voluptuous brilliant cut.



The graceful originality of the Glam’Azone Collection has enticed women since its creation in 2013.
A skilful blend of delicacy and strength, this collection is inspired by the Amazons and the free women of this bygone era.In a fluid line,the rows of diamonds are linked together to form a sensual and refined piece of jewelry that plays on contrast.Lightweight yet imposing,the free-flowing structure highlights the central stone.

Valérie Messika reinterprets  the   wings  of  an   angel,  the   universal  symbol  of  liberty,  freedom  and spiritual  elevation. With  the  Angel  Collection, the   Maison celebrates marquise  and  pear  cuts  with a  variety of exceptional diamonds.  Built up  to  create a  raised structure, the  stones are connected using delicate linking work.This  technique creates movement amongst several layers of feathers in a pavé setting.
Each piece requires between 80 and 100 hours of work.